AEOLIX: The first harmonised platform for logistics information sharing in Europe

Over 100 logistic stakeholders, representing public authorities, transport companies, service providers, ports, customs, shippers, terminal operators, users and research met in Brussels on the open day of the new European ground breaking project AEOLIX.

AEOLIX will develop a digital ecosystem to enable various actors at different levels and of different sizes, with different systems and platforms or even without own in-house systems, to better manage, (re-) plan and/or synchronise freight and logistics operations across Europe. The AEOLIX digital ecosystem will improve data end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, enabling more sustainable and efficient transport of goods across Europe. The AEOLIX Pan-European logistics platform is expected to reduce energy consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30% compared to the current situation. The AEOLIX digital ecosystem will be tested, validated and implemented in 11 Living Labs representing logistics business communities across Europe covering the nine TEN-T corridors (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Spain and the UK).

“AEOLIX will facilitate information exchange in an easier and more efficient way (without investment), enable larger-scale implementation, and increase the degree of system interoperability for logistics actors”. Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe stated.

This is the perfect moment as the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum launched by the European Commission, DG MOVE, in 2015 will present the recommendations concerning future business models for a harmonised platform on transport and logistics during its Plenary meeting on 20 September. “We are proud to start this activity with major players in the industry and look forward to welcoming more companies, organisations and authorities to participate in the AEOLIX innovation platform”, Lina Konstantinopoulou, AEOLIX coordinator and Head of Transport and Logistics at ERTICO said.

“AEOLIX will create a strong business environment towards a collaborative approach in the industry supply chain. It will reduce the complexity of operations and paper work and pave the way for a Pan-European digital network. We look forward to work with such important stakeholders to strengthen the cooperation of the freight and logistics community in Europe as a whole” Zeljko Jeftic, Head of Global Innovation at IRU concluded.

The AEOLIX Innovation platform will be launched this year and will help deliver information to bigger and more geographically spread groups of business and logistics communities. The AEOLIX consortium is extending its invitation to any local, regional and national business communities, associations, standardisation bodies of logistics and supply chain interested to be among the first to further exploit the results of the AEOLIX dashboard and toolkit. The AEOLIX innovation platform is also welcoming other third party providers who would like to contribute to the implementation of “AEOLIX 2.0’’ with extra services and toolkits.

AEOLIX officially starts its activities today; a two-day working meeting with the whole consortium will determine the challenges, the goals and time-frame of the project development.