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CO-GISTICS talk to local stakeholders in Vigo

date February 9, 2017
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A new workshop of the European project CO-GISTICS took place in Vigo on 2 February, co-organised by CTAG and CEAGA. Stakeholders participating in the event¬†experienced a demonstration of the CO-GISTICS services implemented in the pilot […]

CO-GISTICS pilot operations in Trieste

date January 16, 2017
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Since the end of 2016, the Trieste pilot site has been ready to operate all cooperative services proposed by the CO-GISTICS project. The local Decision Support System (DSS) for cooperative logistics is fully developed and […]

CO-GISTICS pilot operations ongoing in Bordeaux

date January 10, 2017
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The CO-GISTICS project has green-lit the deployment of the cooperative services Priority and Speed Advice, CO2 Estimation and Cargo Transport Optimisation in Bordeaux. These services have been up and running since July 2016 and integrated […]

CO-GISTICS Questionnaire – Services Commercialisation

date December 9, 2016
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CO-GISTICS has developed a questionnaire for logistics stakeholders in the framework of Task 6.1 of the project, related to business models. This questionnaire aims to: a) explore the potential of the CO-GISTICS services to be […]

CO-GISTICS at Open ENLoCC event

date November 23, 2016
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On 17 November, the Open ENLoCC network celebrated its 10th anniversary in Brussels with a public meeting in the afternoon. The keynote speech was held by Desire√© Oen, a long-term member of the EU Commissioner […]

Operations update in Frankfurt

date November 22, 2016
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As time moves forward, CO-GISTICS is getting closer to reaching its goal of higher energy efficiency and more sustainable mobility of goods through the use of cooperative services and intelligent cargo. Since April 2016, the […]

LKW WALTER become an Associated Partner

date November 18, 2016
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LKW WALTER organises full truck loads by road and in Combined Transport throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The company emphasis is on the transport of non-hazardous, packed […]

Port of the Future event – Presentations available

date November 10, 2016
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The “Port of the Future” event was held during the ITS World Congress in Melbourne with the participation of Port of Hamburg, Port of Fremantle, Port of Singapore and Port of Montreal. This event brought […]

#ITSWC16 kicks off with CO-GISTICS demo

date October 11, 2016
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The ITS World Congress has just started in Melbourne and for the whole week will host a world first demonstration of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). For the first time, multiple devices from multiple suppliers […]

AEOLIX: The first harmonised platform for logistics information sharing in Europe

date September 14, 2016
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Over 100 logistic stakeholders, representing public authorities, transport companies, service providers, ports, customs, shippers, terminal operators, users and research met in Brussels on the open day of the new European ground breaking project AEOLIX. AEOLIX […]