All CO-GISTICS services are already successfully deployed and used and the project partners and associated partners have confirmed their trust in the benefits of C-ITS services. They will contribute to further deployment of the piloted services after the end of the project and to up-scaling of the CO-GISTICS services as follows:

  • T-System has implemented the LCMM as a product and is exploiting and ready to deploy it on the market.
  • Vigo municipality, CTAG and CEAGA will continue to expand the CO-GISTICS services until 2018 to all city intersections through hybrid communication IST G5 + Cellular technologies.
  • Schenker Deutschland AG will continue to use CO-GISTICS service in order to improve the fuel efficiency of their fleet.
  • DHL will use further CO-GISTICS services to enhance the performance of city logistics operations.
  • West Eurotrans and Teamnet will continue to use CO-GISTICS services and further integrate with real-time information for transportation partners.
  • IRU will continue to integrate in TRANSPARK real-time information on the status and availability of parking slots.
  • Seaway and City of Thessaloniki will explore CO-GISTICS CTO service.
  • Bilbao City Council together with ETRA and Kapsch TrafficCom Arce Sistemas will extend the CO-GISTICS services to other areas and/or other dedicated parking slots (taxi, disabled…).
  • Kapsch has already integrated CO-GISTICS services in its product for managing traffic in the city and is currently targeting markets in Spain and the USA.
  • Pluservice integrated the CO-GISTICS services in Infomobility, traffic management, parking and access control platform. Its services are already used by Interporto of Trieste for trucks.
  • NOVACOM has integrated the CO-GISTICS real time fuel consumption measurement in their Trailermatics product as a GIS Fleet management platform, which is already exploited in the road transportation sector in France.
  • M3S integrated CO-GISTICS services in their tool for the GNSS environment indicator and is ready for commercialization.
  • GLS will commercialise the Speed advice service and CO2 module in 2017 and the other CO-GISTICS services in  2018-2019.
  • TREDIT has already integrated the CO-GISTICS fuel consumption, CO2 monitoring and Eco-Drive monitoring services with their fleet management and telematics platform in a combined product, which is ready to be sold.
  • UNITS, POLIBA and Municipality of Trieste are continuing the development to extend the use of the proposed CO-GISTICS APP to other logistic operators. SAMER is already using the CO-GISTICS apps.
  • FERNETTI is already exploiting the electronic payment for parking.

The CO-GISTICS local pilot site architecture platforms will be further exploited in two main activities: further research of CO-GISTICS products (H2020-AEOLIX) and deployment of services (Connecting Europe facility-InterCor).



CO-GISTICS dissemination of results, lessons learnt and achievements will not stop with the end of the funded project in June 2017, but will continue in other forms and through other channels.

Find below a list of upcoming CO-GISTICS events in 2017:

Month Date Event name City Country Details
September 27 Logistics Cloud Final Conference Brussels Belgium
September 27-29 ICTR Scientific Congress Thessaloniki Greece Paper presentation: Market introduction of cooperative freight transport services
October-November 29-2 ITS World Congress Montreal Canada Paper presentation: Exploring the market acceptability of cooperative freight transport services
October – November 29-2 World ITS Congress Montreal Canada White Paper “Managing loading zones in city centres: using ITS for space optimization”
December 6-7 POLIS conference Brussels Belgium White Paper “Managing loading zones in city centres: using ITS for space optimization”