Liaison & Cooperation

In order to ensure the successful deployment of CO-GISTICS’ five services during and after the project, CO-GISTICS consortium will carry out activities directed to create and/or strengthen cooperation and liaison with third parties as well as with other European and international initiatives.

Cooperation with external stakeholders

CO-GISTICS will involve stakeholders outside of the consortium with the goal of enlarging its scope, with particular attention paid to fleet operators, terminals managers, and other relevant stakeholders. Shippers, freight forwarders, service providers, and fleet operators already participating in other EU funded projects will be informed of the project and its results.

Mobility and logistics associations such as HOLM, MLC and IRU will inform their local (HOLM and MLC) and international (IRU) members. The project will also continue the good practices from the FREILOT pilot, by establishing (where not currently existing) regional cooperation forums for collaboration between logistics stakeholders (primarily fleet operators) and public authorities.

Connekt is an independent network of companies and authorities that links up parties to improve mobility in the Netherlands in a sustainable manner. Connekt continually focuses on current themes relating to mobility such as ITS, logistics and public transport. Connekt/ITS has 411 members divided over 5 EU countries through its Lean and Green programme,  out of which 209 are carriers, 75 are shippers, amongst several terminals and LSP providers and 7 local authorities.  CO-GISTICS is liaising with CONNEKT to promote CO-GISTICS services to supply chain industry.

Cooperation with other projects and initiatives

Former and current projects and initiatives are important to liaise with for the CO-GISTICS work. Non CO-GISTICS logistic hubs and cities will be able to provide input based on their experience, acquired through the implementation of their freight mobility policies, and on their knowledge and/or experience of relevant EU research projects such as EURIDICE, iCargo, CVIS, and Smartfreight, as well as the on-going CIP project,Compass4D.

CO-GISTICS is also liaising with POLIS on joint project dissemination activities for the two European projects CIMEC (Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities) and CODECS (COoperative ITS DEployment Coordination Support). They both address the deployment of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (C-ITS). CIMEC and CODECS engaged together with a wide group of urban and regional authorities on the topic of C-ITS, in order to build up knowledge on the opportunities for C-ITS deployment as well as the related business models and technical issues.

Specific attention will also be paid to international activities on cooperative services for transport of goods. This task will be synchronised with the standardisation bodies to ensure that CO-GISTICS is aligned with the standard roadmaps, is using the latest standard specifications and is actively feeding back pilot operation results.

Another important task will be to actively participate in standardisation relative to M2M and cooperative mobility within ETSI / CEN which is already performed by some of the CO-GISTICS partners.

CO-GISTICS welcomes external stakeholders to become associated partners. Contact us if you would like to join.

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