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Infrastructure of co-operative transport systems is acquired by the Region of Macedonia via CO-GISTICS (Υποδομή συνεργατικών συστημάτων μεταφοράς αποκτά η Περιφέρεια Κ. Μακεδονία μέσω του CO-GISTICS – GR)


vigo Four companies are testing the systems Smart Truck Driving in Vigo (Cuatro firmas testan en Vigo sistemas de conducción inteligente de camiones – ES)

Source: Transporte XXI

capture Vigo pilots ITS for trucks (La automoción testa en Vigo un sistema de pilotaje inteligente para camiones – ES)

Source: Faro de Vigo

European CO-GISTICS project to run demonstrations at ITS World Congress (EN)

Source: Traffic Technology Today

BJ Cooperative intelligence (EN)

Source: Baltic Journal

CTAG.COGISTICS CTAG, awarded for research and communication between vehicles
(CTAG, premiado por su investigación en comunicación entre vehículos)
(ES)Source: Interempresas
 Capture Car talking with the road receives an award at the Barcelona Show (El coche que habla con la carretera recibe un premio en el salón de Barcelona)
(ES)Source: La Voz de Galicia
Pages from dossier_de_presse_VN 3 SMEs  from Aquitaine in a project on intelligent transports (3 PME aquitaines dans un project sur les transports intelligents) (FR)

Source: L’Europe de la R&D

 Capture ITS Conference: a preview of the ITS World Congress in Boradeux in October (Conférence ITS de Bruxelles : une répétition avant le congrès de Bordeaux en octobre)  (FR)

Source: Blog Laurent Meillaud (FR)

 5732e893-9d68-4ee9-a7b3-90e99c02578c_Page_1 Freight expectations (CO-GISTICS: the largest hub for logistics ITS deployment in Europe)

Source: Thinking Highways

Untitled Using Green Logistics in the battle against pollution (Improving the mobility of goods as well as people is an important step in reducing congestion and vehicle emissions)

Source: Cities Today

 Capture Interporto Marche becomes CO-GISTICS associated partner (Interporto Marche è partner associato del progetto CO-GISTICS)

Source: Interporto Marche website (IT)

FrankfAll_1  A cutting-edge centre for logistics and mobility (Schleiferei fur einen Rohdiamanten)

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine (DE)


CO-GISTICS DE1 Where the mobility has a home (Wo die Mobilitat ein Zuhause hat)

Source: Frankfurter Neue Presse (DE)


Capture European CO-GISTICS project launches reference architecture

Source: ITS International – October 2014

Capture CO-GISTICS presents the project architecture in Bordeaux

Source: 3PL News – October 2014

TTI - CO-GISTICS in Bordeaux European Cooperative Logistics project launches reference architecture

Source: Traffic Technology International – October 2014

Capture The CO-GISTICS project: Cooperative mobility services for efficient and sustainable freight transport

Source: Supply chain and logistics magazine (GR) – August 2014

LINK NOT AVAILABLE (click on the image to read the article)

 Capture The Department for Engineering and Architecture announces the deployment of CO-GISTICS (Il Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura apre a Trieste il nuovo orizzonte europeo per l’Innovazione e la Ricerca annunciando l’implementazione di CO-GISTICS)

Source: Trieste City of Knowledge (IT) – July 2014

INFOCLUSTER CEAGA and CTAG participate in the European project CO-GISTICS to improve efficiency in logistics (CEAGA y CTAG participan en el proyecto europeo Co-Gistics para mejorar la eficiencia logística)

Source: INFOCLUSTER (ES) – June 2014

CO-GISTICS DE2 The House of Logistics and Mobility is now opened (House of Logistics and Mobility eroffnet)

Source: Journal Frankfurt (DE) – June 2014

 Capture CO-GISTICS (Progetto CO-GISTICS)

Source: World News (IT) – March 2014

Capture COGI The CO-GISTICS project starts

Source: Logistics and Management (GR) – March 2014

LINK NOT AVAILABLE (click on the image to read the article)

IlSole24Ore Software and hi-tech to avoid queues and traffic at terminals (Software e hi-tech per evitare attese e ingorghi sui moli)

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore (IT) – 22 April 2014


 Faro de Vigo KoM The automotive sector in Vigo will optimise truck routes to reduce costs and emissions (El motor vigues optimizara sus rutas en camion para reducir costes y emisiones)

Source: Faro de Vigo (ES) – 22 April 2014


Atlantico Around Europe by electric car (Por Europa, en coche electrico)

Source: Atlantico (ES) – 17 April 2014

Makedonia KoM Saving time and fuel in freight transport (Οικονομία χρόνου και καυσίμου στις εμπορευματικές μεταφορές)

Source: Makedonia Newspaper (GR) – 11 February 2014

Econews KoM CO-GISTICS: Green freight transport in Thessaloniki (CO-GISTICS: “πράσινες” εμπορευματικές μεταφορές στη Θεσσαλονίκη)

Source: Econews (GR) – 10 February 2014

KA Business KoM The practical importance of the new project CO-GISTICS for Thessaloniki (Η πρακτική σημασία του νέου έργου CO-GISTICS του ΙΜΕΤ για τη Θεσσαλονίκη)

Source: Ka-Business (GR) – 10 February 2014

Parousia KoM CO-GISTICS brings revolution in transport (Επανάσταση στις μεταφορές φέρνει το CO-GISTICS)

Source: Parousia (GR) – 7 February 2014

ITSIntl KoM European cooperative logistics solutions project launched

Source: ITS International (EN) – 10 February 2014

TTI KoM CO-GISTICS project to integrate C-ITS and logistics

Source: Traffic Technology International (EN) – 11 February 2014

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