CO-GISTICS services & benefits explained in final video

date June 14, 2017
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CO-GISTICS has prepared a final video filmed and produced in four different pilot sites: Bilbao, Bordeaux, Vigo and Thessaloniki. The video includes different interviews with project partners and high level speakers representing public authorities, fleet […]

CO-GISTICS final demonstration shows C-ITS services in Trieste logistic hub

date June 12, 2017
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Around 70 participants representing local and international logistics stakeholders attended the CO-GISTICS final event and demonstration on 8 & 9 June 2017 in Trieste, Italy, one of the CO-GISTICS project pilot sites. Trieste is also the only […]

Don’t miss the CO-GISTICS demonstration at ITS Strasbourg 2017

date May 30, 2017
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The CO-GISTICS partners, together with the Strasbourg Traffic Control Center, are preparing a demonstration at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, from 19-22 June 2017. Demonstration CO-GISTICS is proposing a Cooperative ITS interoperability demonstration with […]

CO-GISTICS presented at the Collaborative Days-Innovation in Brussels

date May 29, 2017
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Eusebiu Catana, ERTICO-ITS Europe, presented CO-GISTICS in a plenary session at the Collaborative Days-Innovation– 3rd Logistics cloud: City Logistics on 23rd May 2017 in Brussels. The CO-GISTICS poster was also presented in the posters session […]

Moving to an Intelligent Hinterland Transport Infrastructure – Presentations now available!

date March 27, 2017
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On 7th March 2017 HOLM the House of Logistics and Mobility hosted the workshop “Moving to an Intelligent Hinterland Transport Infrastructure” in the framework of a joint action between the ERTICO Initiative TM 2.0 and […]

C-ITS Deployment – urban and hub perspective @ CODECS workshop

date February 24, 2017
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The third edition of the workshop series “C-ITS Deployment is underway!”, which is jointly organised by CODECS and the Amsterdam Group, was again dedicated to the progress on C-ITS Deployment in Europe. About 60 experts […]

CO-GISTICS talk to local stakeholders in Vigo

date February 9, 2017
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CO-GISTICS talk to local stakeholders in Vigo

A new workshop of the European project CO-GISTICS took place in Vigo on 2 February, co-organised by CTAG and CEAGA. Stakeholders participating in the event experienced a demonstration of the CO-GISTICS services implemented in the pilot […]

CO-GISTICS pilot operations in Trieste

date January 16, 2017
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Since the end of 2016, the Trieste pilot site has been ready to operate all cooperative services proposed by the CO-GISTICS project. The local Decision Support System (DSS) for cooperative logistics is fully developed and […]

CO-GISTICS pilot operations ongoing in Bordeaux

date January 10, 2017
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The CO-GISTICS project has green-lit the deployment of the cooperative services Priority and Speed Advice, CO2 Estimation and Cargo Transport Optimisation in Bordeaux. These services have been up and running since July 2016 and integrated […]

CO-GISTICS Questionnaire – Services Commercialisation

date December 9, 2016
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CO-GISTICS has developed a questionnaire for logistics stakeholders in the framework of Task 6.1 of the project, related to business models. This questionnaire aims to: a) explore the potential of the CO-GISTICS services to be […]