Policy & Standardisation

CO-GISTICS is engaging in several policy and standardisation activities as described below.

Platform for the Deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in the European Union (C-ITS Platform) – WG Public Acceptance

The C-ITS Platform working group on Public Acceptance will produce policy recommendations for the development of effective educational and communication programmes to improve the acceptance of Cooperative Systems by the general public and the different communities of beneficiaries. ERTICO has contributed to the WG Public Acceptance through the input from the WP6 Deployment enablers activities. The engagement of fleet owners and professional drivers was particular important; they need to be the additional stakeholders who will use C-ITS services and with whom we need the need for defining clear non-technical messages on demonstrated solutions based on reliable evidence.

Issues Papers of TEN-T European Coordinators

ERTICO has contributed to the issue papers ‘’Enabling multi-modality and efficient freight logistics’’, ‘’Boosting intelligent transport systems’’, ‘’Boosting new technologies and innovation’’, ‘’efficiently integrating urban nodes’’ by incorporating CO-GISTICS project implementation as an example of deployment of C-ITS in logistics hubs.

European Technology Platform – ALICE

ALICE is the European Technology Platform on Logistics set-up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. The platform support, assist and advise the European Commission into the implementation of the EU Program for research: Horizon 2020, in the area of Logistics. ALICE was officially recognised as a European Technology Platform by the European Commission in July 2013.

ALICE is following up relevant research and innovation projects in the field in order to assess the implementation of ALICE Roadmap identify new gaps and prepare recommendations to the European Commission future calls. Moreover, ALICE is willing to support dissemination of relevant projects and outcomes to logistics industry in order to increase impact.

In order to support the process, ALICE stablished the Liaison Programme with Research and Innovation Projects in July 2015.  CO-GISTICS has signed the agreement to join the ALICE Liaison Programme with research and innovation projects.

The CEN TC278 Pre-study for Urban ITS and the European Commission implementing Decision

The task of the Project Team TC278 1701 is to undertake a PRESTUDY – “Standards and actions necessary to enable urban infrastructure coordination to support Urban ITS”, the pre-study to identify standards requirements, and identify resources required to develop them. Bearing in mind the Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe (Dec 2008) and Directive 2010/40/EU: Framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport (Aug 2010). CO-GISTICS has contributed to CEN URBAN ITS report with the CO-GISTICS use cases.

ACEA – ITS4CV – ITS for Commercial Vehicles

This is an internal ACEA study on the potential contribution of ITS measures to reduce CO2 emissions and increase safety for heavy commercial vehicles. It focuses on in-vehicle applications which use data to build estimation or prediction in order to either guide the driver or control the vehicle in some way, and also on ITS related infrastructure or back-office measures. CO-GISTICS services have been incorporated in the report with the overall aim to reduce CO2 emissions and increasing safety for heavy commercial vehicle. The final results from CO-GISTICS will be fed in the report.

ERTICO TM 2.0 innovation platform

ERTICO TM 2.0 is developing common interfaces, principles and business models which can facilitate the exchange of data and information from the road vehicles and the Traffic Management and Control Centres (TMC), and back, improving the total value chain for consistent traffic management and mobility services as well as avoiding conflicting guidance information on the road and in the vehicles. CO-GISTICS project has contributed with its use cases and now anew task force is currently being initiated on the topic of linking Traffic Management and logistics hubs with mobility services.

ERTICO task force on ITS and freight transport and logistics

The ERTICO office established in 2014 a task force for ITS for freight transport and logistics in order to identify a provisional list of ITS services and applications which were used as a basis for industry consultation and to identify necessary enabling technology/technologies.

The scope of this task force was to build on existing state of the art in R&D and pilots taking into account the provisional list of services and applications, developed a roadmap on ITS for freight transport and logistics and developed further the ERTICO partnership work plan on this topic.

The ITS for freight transport and logistics Task Force identified the enablers that are seen as most important for the implementation of a number of services divided into the following five areas.

The ERTICO Task force members have prioritised 6 services in relation to maturity to the market among 20 services. CO-GISTICS services have been also incorporated in to those services

  • Traffic controlling and monitoring
  • eCo driving support and fleet management
  • Priority and Speed Advice at traffic lights
  • Last mile transport tracking and Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Intelligent Truck parking on TEN-T
  • Real-time management of urban delivery spaces for loading and unloading

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