A vast amount of technologies is already available today to manage different aspects of goods movement, but these existing systems are currently not linked to each other, missing the opportunity to optimise the performance of their coordination.

The 7 pilot sites are working on the integration of currently existing freight and transport systems and services, with new solutions such as cooperative services and intelligent cargo. This will help making operation of their goods, trucks, roads, harbours, airports and rail terminals more sustainable, for example reduce CO2 emissions and improve cost-efficiency.

CO-GISTICS is deploying the following 5 services:


Intelligent Truck Parking and Delivery Areas Management

Optimise traffic activities on the route and reduction of stops

  • Provide real-time information on parking availability
  • Optimise truck stops on the route, queues and delivery

Deployed in: Arad, Bilbao, Frankfurt, Vigo

Key users: Truck drivers, fleet operators, terminal operators

 multimodal service

Cargo Transport Optimisation

Optimise and increase the efficiency of cargo transport operations

  • Optimise and increase cargo transport efficiency
  • Support planning and synchronisation between different logistics  operations
  • Provide real-time information on delivery

Deployed in: Bordeaux, Thessaloniki, Trieste

Key users: Truck drivers, fleet operators, service providers, local authorities


CO2 Footprint Monitoring and Estimation

Use of GPS data or CANBUS related data to measure the fuel consumption

  • Estimate and measure CO2 emissions
  • Create a standard approach

Deployed in: Arad, Bilbao, Frankfurt Thessaloniki, Trieste, Vigo

Key users: Truck drivers, fleet operators

 priority_speed advice

Priority and Speed Advice

Use of C-ITS at intersections to indicate the speed to reduce number of stops and accelerations

  • Reduce fuel consumption, emissions and heavy vehicles’ presence in urban areas
  • Support drivers with information on speed to adopt
  • Offer a countdown with time to green/red light
  • Reduce the number of stops and accelerations of trucks

Deployed in: Arad, Bordeaux, Thessaloniki, Trieste, Vigo

Key users: Truck drivers, fleet operators, infrastructure operators, public authorities


Eco-drive Support

Use of C-ITS to provide time to red/green light at intersections

  • Adopt energy efficient driving style
  • Provide time to red/green light at intersections
  • Reduce the number of accelerations and brakes

Deployed in: Arad, Bilbao, Frankfurt Thessaloniki, Trieste, Vigo

Key users: Truck drivers, fleet operators

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